NeOz considers its environment as an integral part of its success. We are committed to complying with the appropriat..


  NeOz focuses on broad aspects of innovation and sustainable development. It fosters discussion not only on..


NeOz corporate values are client driven. We are continuously working to attune ourselves to our clients' needs, ..

Why choose us?

  • Consistent Quality:
    Each and every batch of production insures a guarantee of quality each time every time.

  • Custom made products:
    A slim hole problem or a deviated hole sections and flush joint connections-all centralizers can be custom made as per your requirement.

  • 24 x 7 customer support:
    Immediate delivery, fast solutions, last minute query. We are there to help you out with smile on our face.

  • Worldwide Representative:
    We are always near to you wherever you are.

  • R&D:
    We are always on a move to offer new products for the challenging wells of today.

A Full Line Of Casing Hardware

  • Bow Spring Centralizers

  • Solid Centralizers

  • Floats & Plugs

Welcome to NeOz Energy

NeOz Energy is the foremost Oil and Gas Company manufacturing Oil Drilling Tools used for various stages of Drilling. We commenced manufacturing of mechanical cementing products using our unique designs, innovative dies and SPM machines. We have a global presence which is strengthened by a network of qualified agents and distributors providing regional customer support.With our strong logistics partners we can provide you equipments within three days anywhere around the world based on our stocks and in..

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Health Safety and Environment

NeOz is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to its associates, business partners, and those who may be impacted by the comp..

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Our Worldwide Presence

Global presence in all our current and potential markets is an essential element of our business strategy. We are present in all regions where our customers are active, so that we can respond as effectively as possible to their needs. Our wide geographical coverage (EMEA, North America, Latin Am..

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Latest News

  • "NeOz has launched its most advanced 6.5 Generation Stello-N-Centralizers."

    This patent* centralizer is a single piece construction with revolutionary low friction buttons to reduce start up friction and drag. ..

    • May 06, 2014

Customers feedback

  • " NeOz product quality is one of the best when it comes to Cementing Products. Their QMS is strong enough with lots of internal checks that make me co.. Read More..

    Abdalla Mashhour

  • " Good Product, Best Deliveries. I am totally satisfied with NeOz products and the kind of support which I get from NeOz team is commendable. ".. Read More..

    John White

  • “ I have been purchasing NeOz products from the very beginning. The products are extremely superior in terms of performance and test results. Thumps.. Read More..

    Abdullah Azlan

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