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NeOz Energy is the foremost Oil and Gas Company manufacturing Oil Drilling Tools used for various stages of Drilling. We commenced manufacturing of mechanical cementing products using our unique designs, innovative dies and SPM machines.

We have a global presence which is strengthened by a network of qualified agents and distributors providing regional customer support.With our strong logistics partners we can provide you equipments within three days anywhere around the world based on our stocks and inventories. 

Our team consists of professionals from world renowned operators who have vast experience in the Upstream Drilling Sector. 

We specialize in manufacturing of high quality Casing Centralizers for Vertical as well as Deviated Drilling. Our Engineers can recommend the best possible Centralizers to be used for a particular section in order to have a perfect centralization as any improper centralization can damage the well and reduce its life time. Our Centralizer placement program uses the advanced torque and drag model for well simulation.

NeOz offers the most exhaustive range of Cementing Tool-Casing centralizers and Float equipments. 

Centralizers are one of the most critical component while running the casing and their proper selection as well as the arrangement is the key factor for a proper cementation.

Too many Centralizers on the casing string would hamper the running of pipes into the hole as well as adding to the overall drilling cost. On the other hand less number of Centralizers on the casing string would mean that there would be improper sealing of the hole. Thus a proper Centralizer Placement Program which takes the three dimensional position of the hole considering the load of the casing string with minimum number of Centralizers would be apt in determining the overall efficiency of the well. Additionally, a casing string run into a hole undergoes fluctuation of stress. Centralizers which are improperly located can become damaged during the run and become the cause of complications. For this reason, the entire methodology of locating centralizers on a casing string consists of the part suited to the goal of ultimately placing of the casing in a hole as well as the part with limitations resulting from their translation in a hole. 

An uncentralized casing will not provide a successful cementing job. The solution is to minimize the number of Centralizers to those run over critical sections (especially the shoe track) as not running any at all will compromise the cement job.

Verification of the centralizers' placement is based on calculating the quotient of the maximum translation of the casing axis and the radial clearance.

An operator should be aware of different type of cementing hardware available and their respective performance while drilling.  Discussion with the manufacturer, service companies as well as doing the calculations with specific software would provide the completion of a successful cementing operation.

Though Centralizer and other cementing hardware is usually considered a drop in the ocean when we talk about the entire drilling operation yet these items cannot be ignored by any operator.

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