Cement Baskets

Cement Basket is available in Hinged Type NE-O-03 and Slip on type NE-O-04.Cement Baskets are run above liners or casing above weak formations that require protection from Hydrostatic pressure generated by cement column.These can be used in cased hole as well as open hole formation.

NeOz Cement Baskets are run above weak formation on casing and can be used in single or multi stage cement jobs. The baskets are made of high tensile spring steel which has the strength and the flexibility required to form a bridge in the annulus to prevent Cement from falling. These are complemented with high strength metal fins which are made in an overlapping fashion which provides maximum flexibility and fluid passage. Since they are able to withstand excessive hydrostatic pressure preventing formation damage and thus they help in reducing cost as well as non-productive time.

Baskets may be installed by slipping them over the casing and using either the collars or limit clamps to hold them in place.

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