A device equipped with a rigid centralizers and bow springs centralizers to keep the casing of the whole to support secure efficient placement of a cement scabbard around the casing string. If casing strings are cemented off-center, there is a high risk that a channel of drilling fluid will be left where the casing contacts the formation, creating a pending seal.We Proper work of centralizers,it can be improve horizontal well cementing. We can improve the cementation of high angel and horizontal wall, if the collecting and spacing of suitable centralizers.

Centralizer is a device which is attached the collar and bow spring to bear on the casing or liner in the eye of the well-bore for helping assure effective placement of the cement and detect the mud from the section around the casing string.casing string is a steel pipe organized for suited a particular well-bore the pipe are minimum joint probability (38-40) ft in length. If casing string cemented off from center,then it will be a huge risk that channel of drilling fluid or contaminated cement will be left where the casing contacts formation,and after that creating the imperfect seal which is bad for the product our company provide the best quality of products that you will buy without any protest.Centralizer is also help to decrease the hazard which is happened under the pipes and help to over flow of cementing product.

The most common important factor in getting a well cementing job that is mud expulsion.It helps secure an even cement coat around the casing. Centralizers accomplish two requirements for well horizontal.

  • Centralizers should allow pipe rotation and exchange,
  • High restoring capability and a low moving force.
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