NeOz focuses on broad aspects of innovation and sustainable development. It fosters discussion not only on technological innovation of cementing products but on new ways of thinking about the complex and contested issues of cementation of casing.

Innovative thinking and practices in areas of casing, cementation,  todrilling form the basis of the discourse to be fostered.

We offer research-based solutions in advanced technologies that help support your business objectives.

Our global network withinnovative R&D provides an environment for sophisticated  research in leading-edge technologies, as well as in various domains. In collaboration with technology partners and universities we’re researching key emerging trends, practical, powerful applications and to deliver strong business results for Oil Industry.

The result of our innovation is the fourth generation Scratcho- Centralizer, a NeOz patent product which is the most advanced centralizer of all time.

This centralizer is a solution to the modern day cementation operations and provided the best possible cementation the operators have ever known.


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