Slip on Welded Spiroglader- Standard (NE-S-01) & Straight (NE-S-02)

NeOz  Spirogladers are made from super strength tensile steal. The bows of these Spirogladers are made to provide extreme restoring forces under Lateral Loads. Each Bow has high quality weld which enables high performance in horizontal demanding wells.

Spiroglader Centralizer can be used in cased hole operations. They can be used for both casing and tubing operations.The bows of this centralizer are specially made of high tensile steel which does not get deformed under high stress conditions.

The Spiroglader  centralizers reduce frictional drag when used for a deviated hole section. They can provide the best stand off in deviated sections which could be as high as 90%.

The bows of these centralizers has a unique design "boat shape" which makes them perfectly apt for the present day deviated wellbores.

They also undergo the pre cleaning process which insures that the these centralizers can withstand high exposure to natural weather conditions without any danger of rusting. The Powder coating in the final process which gives the product a smooth finish and insures stocking in the open for a long time.

The standard Spirogladers NE-S-01 has spiral blades so as to provide swirl action to the cement slurry.

The other variant of the Spiroglader is the NE-S-02 which has the straight blades.

Both the above are available with Integral stop option so as to eliminate the use of stop collars. The integral stop option with Standard Spiroglader is the NE-S-03 and with Straight blades is NE-S-04




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